School dancing

I walked up with pins and needles l was shivering with happiness there l am 1000 people looking at me. Abbey and Thomas, l was shivering in the middle with my head down look at my feet and everyone next to me. l was so anxious. Then when l started to dance  all my butterflies went away and everything else, l felt so much better.image



Karlana Kasarik

imageToday on the 20/10/2016 Karlane Kasarik came to New Gisborne Primary School. She talked to me and the school about how you can make your writing better and even fun. All the teachers got everyone to write what they rembered this is what l rembered.


Kitchen garden term 3

I really enjoyed term 3 kitchen garden the best because it was fun to spend time whit friends and to get out of school

l learnt that you should be careful in the kitchen and when you are citing something and most of all l learnt how to cook different food

Colour poem

imageIn year 4 in term 3 we have been learning about a whole series of different poems and some of them are colour poems.

This  is all of the different poms                                                                                        Colour poms, haiku poms, 5 senses poms and questions poms.

Haiku Poems

image   A Haiku poem has to have 5 syllables on the first line, 7 syllables on the second line and 5 syllables on the third. So that means that there are three lines all together. Haiku poems are originally from Japan and is normally about nature.